Mattress Recycling

NEW!  Do you have an old mattress or box spring laying around in your garage or basement?  If it’s old, and non-useable, then it’s time to recycle it!  That’s right!


Start saving today!
New things to Recycle!
Recycling Mattresses & Box Springs
Mick Zachman, Recycle shows how to disassemble a box spring mattress for recycling.

Now your mattress or box spring can be repurposed into…

a book shelf

storage rack

shoe rack (pending on type of spring set up)

wood: for pegs, sign holders, or even kindling!

Recycle Even More
Recycle your Mattress and Box Spring, too!

We can get it recycled for you!  We are lucky to have a facility near us…well, at least it’s not all the way to Seattle, or even Everett!  We are excited to be working with Recycle Warehouse.

Recycle Warehouse is a non-profit company who specializes in mattress recycling!

They will disassemble all the parts of the mattress or box spring into quantified amounts ready for processing. 

This operation is HUGE!

They sort out the old cotton as a textile for recycling, plastic guards on the corners of the box springs are collected, metal frames, caster wheels, polyester batting, plastic bag that comes from Sleep Country or other mattress stores –all are recycled!

Recycle Warehouse
Mattresses and Box Springs being recycled…first disassemble!

With great helpers such as people with special needs or disabilities, they have a team of helpers year around.

I was lucky to meet with Mike Zachman, head of operations at Recycle Warehouse.

If you want to drop off your mattress or box spring, any size it is only $10 for any size.

If you have an idea to reuse materials from recycling the mattress of box spring, come visit Recycle Warehouse in Arlington, WA for supplies!  They ask you to donate money in & send them pictures of your masterpiece for their website.  Visit:

Mike Zachman explains that mattresses are amongst the worse offenders in a landfill.  They trap gases, and do not decompose well at all.  Like couches which also trap gases in a landfill, try to recycle mattress and box springs and do the Earth a favor.

They are extremely busy and have actually been inadated with overflow of mattresses from the warehouse into the parking lot!

I’m sure they won’t mind the extra help if you could!

They do offer a pick-up service, as will we include this in our list.  For $25.00 it can be picked up for you and hauled away for recycling.

As noted from their website:

We can  pick up your old mattresses and box springs for only $25 per piece. This price is valid for Arlington, Oso, Lakewood, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Granite Falls, Tulalip, Stanwood and North Everett homes within a 15 mile radius of our Smokey Point Location.

We can also accept items at our warehouse Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00pm. The fee for drop off is $10 per piece. Items must be dry and free from mold and mildew. We are able to accept checks or exact amount cash.

Drop off location is 16910 59th AVE NE, Suite 95. This is a large warehouse building and we are near the south end of the building. Look for a church trailer and a set of metal stairs.

Box Spring
Box Spring Queen –preparing for recycling at Recycle Warehouse in Arlington, WA.

When you buy a mattress, do consider what they would do with your old mattress…ASK the company if they recycle the mattress properly and how.  If not, consider into your budget to properly dispose the mattress and call us for a pick-up.

Mike Zachman reports that you would be surprise to hear how many people actually do have a mattress hanging around…

Aside from mildew or mold, it must be dry to be properly disposed of through Recycle Warehouse.  Since Camano Island is not on their pick-up list, we will offer this service to transport it, and pay the drop off fee for you!    $25 will help with time, gas and loading and unloading.

Sometimes you need a new mattress because of an accidents, or sadly a death of a loved one, or it’s simply worn out.  We can assist  in recycling your mattress and box spring.  We’ll also take the metal bed frame also.

Call us today to schedule a pick-up.

$25 per item.

Please note:  Kings have 2 box springs, so $25×2=$50.

We can take any size~

make a difference for Mother Earth today.

No more stinking up the landfills!

Mike Zachman says it takes 80 years for a mattress to decompose!  Yuck!  Why not repurpose the components and use them smartly.

Happy Recycling!


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