Scouts Joining Efforts to Recycle!

This year is going to be fabulous!  Help support scouts by recycling your Christmas Tree and/or wreath, garland, swag.  They will make sure it is properly recycled and prepared for composting with Lenz.

Do you want to receive it chipped up?  We can do that at drop off locations.

Do you want to have it delivered to you in the spring as rich soil for your garden?  Please let us know!  We’ll send you some details on how to get a great deal for your participation with the Scouts!

Scouts loading up!
Scouts loading up!

When scouts usually collect trees, troops 46 and 86 go out to place door hangers or envelops or your home.  Because we don’t know if you actually have one, we’re no longer going to do this!

2015-11-27 17.31.08

Placing a sign-up drop box at the tree farms, grocery stores, and local nursery is a direct approach.  We hope that you will see these boxes, and sign up if you want us to come out and pick up your tree (without ornaments/stand) or wreath/swag/garland.

It gets even better!  Lenz Enterprises is dropping off a huge container for collecting!   AND at 2 locations!

Stanwood:  Viking Village

Camano:   Camano IGA Plaza.


JANUARY SATURDAYS.   official dates to be posted.  Please stay tuned!   But you can….

Capture Need a Tree Pick UP SIGN UP


This way we’ll know to come by your neighbor hood.

Recycling has to be efficient, and easy.  We’re doing our best to make it easy for you!  Please help us make it efficient with great planning.

2015-11-24 14.16.38 2015-11-27 17.49.17 2015-11-28 13.26.36 2015-11-20 12.36.12

Happy Holidays!

Tamara Drake, Recycle Coordinator for Scout Tree Recycling Event



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