About Us

Camano Cottage LLC is passionate to start an eco-revolution right here in our back yard, Camano Island and Stanwood, WA.

Recycling is so important that we started this mission February of 2013 by volunteering time & gas expenses to pick-up from numerous businesses.  We also provide a free drop off recycling service at our local Camano IGA Market Plaza for 7 types of collections.

The cooperation and response from the public has been great!  In 6 months, we have collected over 28,747 points in our partnership with TerraCycle.  That is equal to $287.75 to award our local non-profit organizations!

UPDATE!  As of October 1, 2014

Current Points Balance

102,292 points

$1,022.92 value

It was garbage, but not anymore.   We hope you will continue with us to make a difference.  Not only for it’s monetary value, but ultimately, for a better Earth.

We recognize the need to provide the means to get more things recycled out of our garbage.  We promote education and collective teamwork with you to make this happen.

Teaching us how to recycle in new ways will only trickle down the generations to come.  Just think of what we can do in 5 years from now!

cleaning the world



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