Accepted Waste

Double Bonus!   Most items receive 2 points = 2 cents from TerraCycle Brigades!  Let’s re-invest back into our community non-profit organizations. 

Click a category:




School, Office, Work

Cigarette Waste

Gloves & Garments


More Items we can Recycle:

  1. Keys, Key Fobs/”Clickers” for cars
  2. Bullet shell casings
  3. Scrap Metal: any kind…microwaves, pans, car scrap, wiring, plumbing, etc.
  4. Aluminum Cans, Foil, Pans
  5. Styrofoam used for packaging & for food. Must be clean & dry.
  6. Plastic bags used for both food and non food items
  7. Plastic Clam Shell Containers & Trays
  8. Clip Box Tops and Campbell’s Education Labels for schools


set up a consultation to get you organized to do this effectively.

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