Gloves & Garments

Attention Businesses!

Recycle Nitrile Gloves

Recycle Garments

Do you have a Cleanroom and use nitrile gloves purchased through Kimberly Clark?  Or use garments for personal protective equipment (PPE)?


Nitrile Gloves Brigade

 Accepted waste: nitrile gloves.

Must be screened through application via TerraCycle & Kimberly Clark. Does not matter what the contaminant is, but must be a Kimberly Clark customer to utilize this recycle program. Please visit for more details.

Garment Brigade

As noted on the Terraycle website:

“This recycling program is the first large-scale recycling system to be implemented for non-traditional cleanroom waste, including disposable garments and nitrile gloves. Using an innovative recycling technique, TerraCycle is able to recycle the collected garments into industrial plastic products, including plastic pallets.”

Click here for more details.  Garment Brigade.


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