Kitchen Items

 Save the following according to Terracycle Brigade Collection: 

  • Snack Wrappers
  • Food Storage Bags & Plastic Film
  • Brita Items (filters, pitcher, cups)
  • Juice Pouches
  • Baby Food Pouches
  • Energy Bar Wrappers
  • Athenos Brigade Items
  • Candy Wrappers
  • Dairy Tubs  & Hummus Containers– discontinued, put in your regular recycles
  • Plastic Cups #6
  • Bare Naked Brigade Items
  • Little Entenmann’s Bites Packaging
  • Cereal Bags
  • Lunchables Brigade Items
  • Nespresso Capsule Brigade Items
  • Wine Boxes & Corks, Foil, screw caps
  • Naked Grape Wine Brigade Items


Cheese Wrappers:  any flexible cheese wrapper that is plastic or foil. * UPDATE:  11/01/2014 Terracycle is looking for a Sponser for this brigade.  In the meantime:  If bag is resealable, it falls under the Food Storage Brigade.  If not, it can still be collected as reasonably clean as a low grade plastic.  Foils must be rinsed, and will now go into aluminum foil recycling.  UPDATE:  no sponsers yet as of May 2015.  But keep sorting these plastics with the film.

Dairy tubs:  Any rigid plastic dairy product that has a lid and no handle.  Example:  plastic containers from pudding, yogurt, ice cream, butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc.  Accepted waste includes their foil or plastic sealing lids.  Milk jugs or dairy drinks are considered in a bottle and are classified as HDPE #1, this can be recycled in our local recycling station.

*UPDATE:  this brigade discontinued via Terracycle, and will no longer be earning points.  However, you can still recycle through Waste Management or Camano Island Transfer Station or through Waste Management.  Please ensure it is clean. But save the caps and plastic seals for us to handle!

Mylar seals (plastic with shiny coating such is found inside a yogurt seal) are  NOT accepted at this time.

Snack Wrappers:  plastic packaging from snacks: chips, crackers, pretzels, cookies, crackers, fruit snack, etc. 

Food Storage Bags & Plastic film:  any brand press sealed bags and plastic film.  Any food storage containers–any size. No need to rinse, but would be preferred.  

Brita items:  any Brita made items:  filters, containers, cups, water pitchers.

Juice Pouches:  any foil lined juice box container.  You may send in  product’s straws and plastic wrapping for the straws.  No need to rinse, just send dry.

Baby Food Pouches:  Pouches & Caps

Energy Bar Wrappers:  any energy, power, nutritional snack wrapper.

Candy Wrappers:  any plastic candy wrapper: keep in sandy bag if possible to reduce sorting time.  Thank you!

Plastic Cups:  any brand plastic RIGID with the symbol: #6 noted at the bottom of the cup. 

Athenos Brigade: Athenos Baked Pita Chips bags, Athenos Hummus containers and lids, Athenos Spreadable cheese packages, Athenos Feta Cheese containers and lids.

Bare Naked   Bare Naked cereal box plastic liners, Bear Naked granola boxes, Bear Naked trail mix bags, Bear Naked granola cookie boxes, Bear Naked Morning Power Packs

Entenmann’s Little Bites:  plastic pouches / plastic wrappers.

Cereal Bags:  any brand plastic cereal bag or plastic liner

Hummus Containers:  any brand plastic tub and plastic film. *

UPDATE: Oct 2014; Terracycle Brigade no longer collecting; recycle by cleaning and sending to regular Recycler.

Lunchables Brigade:  Lunch kit plastic trays, plastic lids, plastic film and outer wrapping, content packaging.

Nespresso Capsule Brigade:  Brand sensitive!  Only Nespresso consumer capsules and Nespresso Professional (Business/office) capsules.  No T-Discs or K-Cups.  

Wine Boxes & Corks:  natural corks, wine screw caps, synthetic corks, foil wine cork wrappers. 

 The Naked Grape Wine Brigade: The Naked Grape Wine boxes, pouches and spouts.

TerraCycle Brigades may change at any time.

All materials and graphics used as Resource Tools with persmission via TeraCycle.


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