School, Work, Office Items

Schools, Work, Office Items

Writing Instruments

Glue Bottles

Tape Dispensers & Rolls

Ink Jet & Toner Cartridges

iPod & MP3 Player Brigade

Miscellaneous E-Waste Brigade

Laptop, E-Reader, Tablet Brigade

Cell Phone Brigade


 Writing Instruments

Pens, Sharpies, Highlighters, Mechanical Pencils, Markers, Caps. Working or not…broken, any condition. (If it is working instrument, try giving it to a school.) NO PENCILS.

Glue Brigade  –discontinued….just rinse, and recycle with plastic trays.  Remove cap and recycle for cap collection.

Plastic bottles and stick tubes, any brand.  (for stick glues, no rinsing needed.)

Scotch Tape Brigade

Any brand plastic tape dispenser and plastic tape roll.

Inkjet Cartridges and Toner Cartridges

Only Original Manufactured brands are accepted and only models listed on Terracycle’s brigade poster of accepted waste. However, we will take all manufacture types including remanufactured to recycle through other companies.

iPod & MP# Player Brigade

Touchscreen iPods, Non-Touchscreen iPods, other MP3 Players.

Miscellaneous E-Waste Brigade 

Cameras, digital cameras, and camcorders, GPS units, graphing calculators.

Laptop, E-Reader, Tablet Brigade

Laptop, notebooks, netbooks, E-Reader, Tablets

Cell Phone Brigade

Standard, smart, iphone

For more information see the Terracycle website.

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