Cash Earned

Starting in  2013, Camano Cottage LLC a partner with Terracycle is making a difference with your help!   Here’s is a progress report and a short description of how cash is earned with our garbage.

So far, thousands of waste has been diverted from the landfills.  AWESOME!

 Terracycle Recycling Program

Date                      Total Current Points Balance                Value

10/2/2014           102,292                                                                   $1,022.92

12/20/2014         117,350                                                                   $1,173.50

Now is the time to redeem the points!  Be on the look-out for a check from Terracycle in the mail 4-6 weeks out.

Our most active Brigades are the following:

Cheese Brigade
Dairy Brigade
Cell Phone Brigade
Ink Toner Brigade
Energy Bar Brigade
Personal Car Brigade
Cigarette Brigade
Wine & Cork Brigade
Oral Care Brigade

How Terracycle Works

A Recycle Mail-in Program is offered by sponsored manufacturers such as Glad or Kraft.  This team effort to collect the waste and put it to good use instead of going to landfills or ending up in the oceans affecting our marine life.

water and seal

Garbage received in their brigade collections are counted, weighed, and posted to Camano Cottage LLC account.  Twice a year, Terracycle allows an account holder to redeem earned points to the holder’s selected non-profit organization(s).  Since starting in Nov 2013, we’ve come a long way!

Points awarded will be based on the organization’s involvement and at our discretion.

See the website for more details.

Thank you for your help!

Our selected non-profit organizations are the following:

  1. Stanwood Youth Football
  2. Camano Center
  3. Boy Scouts, Troop 046 of Camano Island
  4. CASA: Camano Animal Shelter
  5. St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church
  6. MOPS at Camano Chapel

If you have a non-profit organization you’d like to support, but is not on the list, please let us know!

If you are a Non-Profit organization who would like to be involved in this collection, please contact us for more details.

The point is….

Stop tossing your garbage and help earn point that turn into cash for our Community AND SAVE THE EARTH.   We need to reteach our kids.

Contact us today!  Click here.

Rethink plastics for Cash
Our typical Garbage helps earn points for Non-Profits! Check it out!



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