Recycling Service

Goal:  Collect hard recycle materials and divert it from landfills.

In developing this idea to divert waste as a curbside pick-up, it is not feasible at this time.  What we can do, is ask you to save these things, and we will meet at a public location to accept the following listed items below.  Please sign up to be kept in the Loop!

We accept and pick-up the following things:

  1. Terracycle Brigade items. ~Visit:
    1. For Example these things make money (2 cents/item) for Non-Profit organizations:
      1. Brita Filters
      2. Energy Bar Wrappers
      3. Dry Plastic from Cereal Bags, Cake Mix, Crackers
      4. And More!  See their website. 40+ categories!
  2. Car/House Keys, Key Fobs/Clickers for cars.  Keyless Remotes.
  3. Scrap Metal: any kind.  (extra charge pending size/weight)
  4. Aluminum Cans, Clean Foil, Pans
  5. Styrofoam used for packaging & for food.  Must be clean & dry.
  6. Plastic bags used for both food and non food items
  7. Plastic Clam Shell Containers & Trays, Plastic Utensils, Straws



Per Bag: 33GAL …………………………………………………….$6.00


Business:  Pending generated waste type and volume.  Please contact us.

Schools:  Please contact us.

Non-Profit Organizations –Don’t have a recycle budget?  Help earn money with your garbage!  We will facilitate your collection efforts and get you on your way.

Please give us a call! Or contact us today.


We also offer….

Recycle Education.  Free workshops are monthly at the Camano Center every 3rd Wednesday of the month 10-11:30am.  Hope to see you there!

Contact Us Today!


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