Reduce, Reuse

Recycling is not as important as

REDUCING what we have, and REUSING what we already have!

What’s that phrase???

Use it or lose it?  ….we need to start thinking differently–especially shopping!

Simply put, we need to buy responsibly.  Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Wait at least 3 days before you make a purchase, especially big ones like a new car!
  2. Ask yourself:  can it be reused after I’m done with it?
  3. What kind of packaging does it have?  Is there a choice to get it without all that plastic/Styrofoam packaging?  If not…write to the manufacturer.
  4. Buy a used item from the local thrift store.
  5. Is it just a NEED or a WANT.

These questions and suggestions will change your thinking and help promote a reduction of waste in your home.

REUSING:  the act of putting another use to something after it has worn out.  Fixing it if possible, adding something to it to make it useful again.  There are many ways to find uses for items.

A Styrofoam cooler, in good condition can be made into a cat hideout providing a hole in 1 side.  Maybe covering it with an old sheet/blanket and using as an ottoman to rest your feet after a long day.

How about those swimming pool noodles!?!  They are great for party decorations made into a huge tootsie roll or a piece of candy!

Pintrest has many ideas for repurposing items.  You can spend hours just looking!  But I invite you to view my collection of items since I’ve searched for those hard to recycle items already!

Visit Tamara Drake and click on Recycling for over 200 pins!

The other day, I was shopping at Target, and saw this saying:  REUSE TO REUCE.  To promote reusing bags, you get 5 cents off every time you use a reusable bag, (any bag, I asked!)

Save bags...use them again and again!
Love this idea!

Photograph by Tamara Drake at Target, Smokey Point, WA.

Put a spin on when you decide what to keep or not!

The challenge is on….what can you REUSE to REDUCE?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still good to recycle, but there’s a greater impact we have when we reduce what’s coming in our house, and taking what we already have and making it used for yet another purpose.  Ultimately our goal is to get a product to zero waste….when it is no longer garbage.

What other ways can you think of?   Tell a friend!


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