Benefits of Recycling More

What happens if you have MORE recycled items than garbage items?

Benefit #1:

You save money!  Because you don’t need the largest garbage bin anymore…or you can request pick-ups less frequently.

People have different amounts of garbage they generate due to number of occupants and habits or lifestyle.  Even if you manage your garbage transport along with your recycles, this service to pick-up your hard to recycle items will benefit you.

What are non-traditional recyclable curbside items?  They are those things that we don’t have a service for at our local transfer station.  You’ll notice a lot of those listed through  We offer to sort things from you and send them out via mail.  Along with some other items that are recycled with some driving distance.  Let us take care of it for you!

Benefit #2

We are active participants and partners with Terracycle in recycling waste to encourage a new way to “eliminate the idea of waste” as is their motto.  We have reserved spots in their brigades to be able to send in accepted waste.

Terracyle has a great program that rewards points to Non-profits.   As a large group, we can collect more things and get it shipped out faster.  Plus when we work together, we will have a bigger impact on our community!

We will designate certain non-profits every 6 months to be rewards these points!  This is a great way to give back to our Stanwood/Camano community by participating in this service.

Benefit #3

You are diverting them from the landfills.



See our Recycling Service page for more details.






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