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Are you saving things to be recycled so they can be diverted from go to the landfill? 

Please let us know!



Please provide the following information and select what services or estimates you need.   We will get back to you very soon!

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Plastic Trays & Clamshell --are recycled
Plastic Trays / Clamshells
Clean Styrofoam
Cereal Bags
Cereal Bags
Cigarette Waste
Cigarette Waste
Fruit Pouches and Caps
Fruit Pouches and Caps

 Questions and Answers:

Question:     SO….now that you’re all set…HOW DO YOU SAVE THESE THINGS?

Answer:    Please rinse & let air dry loosly in a paper bag/cardboard box as that will absorb moisture faster.  If a plastic bag is all you have, go for it.

Question:      DO I need to sort things?

Answer:  No, but it doesn’t hurt!  Combine like items in bags for easier processing.  For example:  Straws & Plastic utensils in 1 bag; Caps in another bag/container;  Soft Plastics together, Hard Plastics together, and foil & Styrofoam loosely in a bag.   All your bags can be put into one big 33 gallon “trash” (recycle) bag.  We can even recycle the trash bag too!

Question:  When can i recycle it and where?

Answer: Recycle drop off location and times will be announced monthly via emails, facebook, or other media.  Sign up to keep in the loop!

If you have any more questions…please fill out the comment section in the sign-up section above, or in the contact form on the contact page.

To find out more details about HOW TO COLLECT WASTE, visit our new post!

CLICK HERE> How to Collect Waste.

Thank you ever so much for working together for a better earth.

That’s definitely just one of the good causes!


Tamara Drake

Recycle Coordinator

Camano Cottage LLC


Wine Corks & Wrapping
Wine Corks & Wrapping
Caps, foil, plastic packaging
Caps, foil, plastic packaging
Plastic, metals, re-usable
Cell Phones: Any kind
Recycle Ink Cartridges
Ink Cartridges-any model.
Recycle Foil & Pans
Aluminum Foil and Pans


2015-02-09 16.00.49
Mike Zachman at Recyler Warehouse saves Mother Earth from another mattress to decompose 80 yrs in the landfill!  Instead, materials are separated and recycled! Thank you Mike!


Energy Bar Wrappers
Energy Bar Wrappers
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Cans
Diaper & Wipe Packaging
Diaper & Wipe Packaging
Cleaning Waste: Pumps, Triggers, Packaging
Cleaning Waste: Pumps, Triggers, Packaging
Writing Instruments
Writing Instruments: Pens, mechanical pencils, caps, sharpies, highlighters: Recyclable!
Cheese Packaging
Cheese Packaging
horseshoe flower in the garden
Repurpose old horseshoes!
Logan Drake is showing us fruit roll ups and toothbrushes can be up cycled—-so save them from the garbage, and put them in your recycle bag! what else do you see in this picture?


Recycle Even More
What else can you find to recycle?

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