Auto Dealerships: Key Fobs

First, A Little History….

Starting 2 years ago, most dealerships didn’t know remotes and key fobs are recycled.  Word has spread, companies from the Midwest and Eastern US have ventured out state to state, and now there is some competition for these!

Yet, the common “Joe or Jane” is unaware that these can be recycled.  I propose to not only let you Mangers, Service Directors, and General Sales Managers, Parts Managers of all dealerships know of this service—but also to que in the public. 

Together with your membership, we can direct the customer back to you by learning how recycling key fobs gives back to local non-profit organizations in our back yard!   I hope they will consider this when buying a car from you. 

And with your membership for the year, we can help remind them of your involvement to help our community AND the Earth.


For us non-car folks, not in the car business, who might be checking out this blog, it’s the key to your car that has buttons!  Yep, that’s the one.

We accept keys, key fobs (car clickers, car remotes)  any year make/model.  Any condition.  Even keys that have a key attached.  No need to de-tag or separate the car keys, we take those too. Saves you time!

What Happens to the key fobs?

They are collected, de-tagged, de-keyed, and sorted for refurbishing to a top-paying remote company.  We are paid based on a buy-back fair-market value that is dynamic.

We have the edge as a top procurement field agent, we are able to get the best deal which allows us to give back a percentage to the community.  Initially it was 25 cents per fob over $1.00; now with more participating dealerships, we can now give back 25% to the non-profit organizations.  These donations are given by Camano Cottage LLC quarterly to one or more non-profit organizations at our own discretion.

Key fob buy-back prices ranges from $1.00-$20.00 a fob.  These are not bought at retail prices such as one might find on  Once they are sent in for refurbishing, memories are flashed with expensive equipment an entire team is dedicated to sorting, repairing, marketing, wholesaling back to the public.  Now, it is given a second life!

Buying a refurbished key fob costs less than a 1/3 of what you’d pay new at the dealership or from the manufacturer.  As a consumer, you do have to be careful to do your homework if your car has the correct entry system according to the FCC ID number and part number.  More about that later!  If you need one, we can direct you to reputable and knowledgeable company.

This is our 2nd year of collecting key fobs.  Please visit our donation chart for 2013 contributions from Camano Cottage LLC.  It is exciting to see this growing and helping to make a difference in our community!

So, please look around.  Ask a co-worker, a sales associate to save these extras especially when moving offices or re-locating.

Do you have a spare, extra key fob in your drawer….that doesn’t go to any of your cars?  Contact us today.

We’d like to recognize participating dealerships that save key fobs to be refurbished thus recycling!

How does this happen?          Often this situation happens:

You traded your car and only had 1 set of keys–later you come back to the dealership to give the other spare key.  But usually this happens after months! –and where is the car?  Already sold, or went to auction!

Managers will keep a box of re-programmable key fobs in case a car comes without a key fob.  BUT, often key fobs are damaged, and are not in a presentable condition.  So it may go to the garbage.

Unless….they save it for recycling and are aware of our great give-back recycling program for charity to our LOCAL community non-profit organizations.

Recycle your old key fob with us or at a participating dealership in your area.

–but make sure you mention it is for Camano Cottage LLC recycling service only.

PC Boards, Pads, Cases
PC Boards, Pads, Cases

Micro-boards, plastics, metals are all recycled into their proper elements if the unit is defective or unusable for parts.

Dealerships and Businesses

We offer 3 levels of showing your support as a Member.

  1. Silver Key Level
  2. Gold Key Level
  3. Green Key Level

Great news!     50% of the membership goes toward a Non-Profit of your choice.

Please click:  Business Membership to learn more.

Contact us today to inquire about becoming a supporting member today!









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