Stanwood Youth Football


to the Stanwood Youth Football League for caring about the Earth!

Football games are a great collection place for collecting a variety of “would be garbage”.    We all don’t realize that our garbage can earn points!

Points for football is earned through Energy Bar Wrappers, Snack Bags, Candy Wrappers.

Earn Points
Points with bags and wrappers for Football!

A recycle station is provided to help keep the Earth cleaner with the following collection receptacles:

  1. Compost
  2. Aluminum Cans, Foil, Pans
  3. Plastics:  Hard, Flexible
  4. Styrofoam
  5. Clean Paper, Glass, Cardboard
  6. Caps & Straws
Recycling Station
Recycling Station at Stanwood Middle School Spartan Football Games

A Rinsing bin is used by the attendant to clean coffee cups, yogurt containers, etc that would have been tossed in the garbage.

On the average 6 bags of Recycleable items are taken away from an entire game day.  Yet only 1/2 a bag of garbage actually goes to the waste dumpster!

Often someone walks up to the station and says it’s all garbage….yet 90% can be sorted into the recycle containers.  I think we are all learning something new!

Thanks to the Stanwood Youth Football staff for the opportunity to set up a recycle station and working together to make the world a better place.

The feedback has been fantastic and very thankful.





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