What’s Left?

We’re finding that meat absorbency packs,paper/foil packets, worn out shoes unfit for donations, bathroom waste: diapers, feminine napkins, cleaning wipes, tissues, and food waste, and other categories are remaining.  How can we take care of these things?

May we suggest!

In terms of re-using/re-purposing an item, before you buy it, try to think of it’s carbon footprint –how you’re going to use/toss after it’s first use.

Plastic Utensils:  Was plastic utensils really necessary (just to avoid washing after the party)?  HOWEVER>>>>> GREAT NEWS!!!! We can take them now! Click here to find out more! (including STRAWS!)

Paper/foil packets:   Why am I buying a pre-made package that is made of paper/foil –but more importantly may contain Mono-sodium Glutimate (MSG)?  Or should I try buying loose tea leaves instead from the bulk section?  Do I need to step back and plan my time better so I can make wholesome meals better for my family or myself?

Worn out Shoes:  Terracycle does have a paired shoe program, how ever they must be in good shape to pass on to a 3rd world country in need of souls.  They donate to Soles 4 Souls.  So!  If it’s looking a little worn, before it goes too far–consider looking for another pair of shoes.

Also:  if it has in fact gone beyond it’s service and worn out, Nike has a shoe recycling program for sneakers only.  They grind up the whole tennis shoe and make it into a new pair of shoes from the materials.   Check out their website for more details.  http://www.nike.com/us/en_us/c/better-world/reuse-a-shoe

Worn out Clothes:  Clothes are recycled, too!   They are made into textiles.  Don’t toss your jeans or socks with holes into the garbage!   They are sorted at 2nd hand stores and eventually end up to big-box companies like Value Village who is connected to 3rd world countries in need of clothes.

Clothes can be cut up for rags, car washing rags, painting mediums, cover-ups for a messy project, cut a piece of it from toddler’s favorite shirt (or rather, YOUR favorite outfit) and make a quilt, handkerchief, splotch in a scrap book, sheets…into forts/pillow cases.  There are so many uses for clothes.

Clothes that have totally out-used their possibilities are shredded up into insulation for stuffed animals, pillows, cushions, or thermal insulated for other products.

Food Waste:  Composting your food scraps is a viable and easy process to do.  Even kids can learn how food waste mixed in with yard waste is transferred naturally back into dirt.  It’s a great lesson for all to see how this is done.

NOW ACCEPTING COMPOST!  $5/5 gallon bucket of food scraps! Click here for more details!

All other categories….party ribbons, balloons, hairbrushes, etc…

Guess what…TerraCycle has a great program for you, too.  Visit TerraCycle.com today.

Capture Zero Waste from Terracycle





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